Poster Presentations

The conference organisers see poster presentations as a very communicative form of presentation and we would welcome a lively debate during the poster sessions. Therefore we expect poster presenters to attend the conference. Presenting a poster without attending the conference will not be possible. Posters must be brought to the conference venue. Please do not send them to us. The final program, which you will receive at the meeting, will have individual poster assignment numbers for each poster that corresponds with a poster board. Please mount your poster next to your number.

Your poster should comply with the following requirements:

• your poster should not exceed the following measures: 1400 x 1400 mm (55 x 55 inches)

There will be three slots for poster sessions: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday between 12.30 pm – 2 pm. Please attend the session that has been allocated to you. During the poster sessions we will organize thematic guided tours through the poster presentations according to the conference themes. Thereby we ensure a high visibility and a high possibility for discussion.

Here are a few hints for the poster presentations:

  • Make your poster simple and eye-catching
  • Use simple drawings, diagrams, graphs and/or photographs
  • Graphics should be explicit and brief
  • Have clean and attractive layouts
  • Use few panels, including an introduction/summary
  • Simple use of colour can add emphasis effectively
  • Use large print and a minimum of text
  • Your poster should contain headings that organize and logically display the information.
  • Bring handouts for distribution
  • Remember, not all attendees will be fluent in English. Keep abbreviations and jargon to a minimum
  • Stay with your poster so attendees may confer with you